Environment & Energy

Eastern European Industrial Wood Coatings Markets

Industrial wood coatings are defined as coatings that are factory-applied on wooden furniture, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, doors and windows, flooring and panels. The market for industrial wood coatings can be divided into many different segments. Two key ways of segmenting the market are by ...

U.S. Polymers in Personal Care Market

European Fatty Alcohols Markets

U.S. Emulsifiers in Personal Care Markets

ThepersonalcareindustryintheUnitedStatescomprisesawiderangeofproductsthatareusedindailylife,suchasgels,creams,lotions,conditioners,andcolorants,tonameafew. Theseproducts,whichrelatetofashiontrends,workatimprovingthehealth,hygiene,andpersonalityofthepopulace.Themarketiscompletelyco...

Growing Food Prices: Strategic Assessment of the Implications and Recommendations for the U.S. Food Industry

One of the biggest economic stories of 2008 to affect most of the world, including the United States, is the exponential increase in feedstock, food, and other commodity prices. This phenomenon has induced the increased occurrence of food-related social, political, and business instability in ma...

Bioplastics Markets in Southeast Asia

This research service presents current and future trends of the bioplastics market in Southeast Asia for the period 2004 to 2014. In this study, the base year is 2007 and the forecast period is from 2008 to 2014. The bioplastics market is at a developing stage.The total market for engineering pl...

North American Pulping and Bleaching Chemicals Markets

Middle East Paints and Coatings Markets

Where's the Green? Green Growth Strategies in U.S. Personal Care Chemical Ingredient Markets

The U.S. Industrial Enzymes Markets


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